Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mizuno JPX 800 Driver

First testing of the new Mizuno JPX 800 Driver. Watch Mark Crossfield hit the new golf driver and see how it could help your golf.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Practise Your Golf For Lower Scores

Working at Clifton Hill Golf Range in Exeter Devon, I see lots of golfers hitting golf balls. Trying to perfect their drives and hit longer shots. Watching people trying to improve and better their games is a great thing, but watching golfers hitting golf balls with no real plan or focus is hard to watch. On the range I will often ask someone how they are hitting and how is their golf game. I will get people telling me they are hitting the golf ball left and right. Or not hitting it far enough, but when I watch them hit shots you can see they have one fault and the ball tends to go in one direction.

If you want to practise with real focus and direction you need to have goals. The first step to a good session on the range is to have a warm up to start your session. Gentle stretching and small golf shots to start. The first ball you hit should be with a lofted golf club swinging at around 50%. The people who come to the range with only the driver in their hands are not going to build any level of control. Once you feel you have some rhythm to your swing then you should move up to a medium iron. When hitting your mid iron you need to have a direct target as well as a hazard. This means hit the ball at a target on the range and see how many times you miss the target right if you have a hazard to the right. The hazard can be a hump, strip in the grass or a imaginary hazard. In your mind you need to know how many off line shots you are getting and if it is when there is trouble on a certain side of the target.

To finish your practise you need to cool down by again hitting 50% golf shots with a lofted club. Allow your session to finish with control and good tempo. Don't leave thrashing balls over the back hedge.

Your practise session are as important as your games and tournaments you are playing in. Respect your time on the range and make it count.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exeter Golf Lessons | Golf Tip With Mark Crossfield

Learn to play better golf with Mark Crossfield the Exeter golf professional. Golf lessons in Exeter have never been so much fun. Watch how Mark uses simple and clear tips to help you play some better golf. To Book a golf lesson with the Exeter golf professional Mark Crossfield simply call on 01392 493196.